Alright, flex them fingers, sharpen them pencils, drink a pot of coffee and WRITE WRITE WRITE

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Alright, flex them fingers, sharpen them pencils, drink a pot of coffee and WRITE WRITE WRITE

I am sure that you have been seeing the ads everywhere, people madly collecting their thoughts throughout October, heads down, pens scratching out an idea.  This is the wonderful time of NaNoWriMo.  I cannot express how much I love it.  I never finished a book, I never even came close to 50,000 words, but I have learnt more in the last two years from NaNoWriMo’s books, the interviews they get, the authors who post encouragement and tips. But, the best was meeting a local group of writers who turned out to be the most wonderful, brilliant and encouraging group ever. When you sign up, you can join in on local groups write-ins, both in real life, and virtual, which is so much fun and helpful if you need that accountability.

All of the above is why this event is so immensely popular. It pulls people together, if forces you to learn, to push through, FORCE yourself to write. You may not hit the 50,000 goal, but the fact that you stuck with it makes you feel frickin fantastic.

I even managed to do the Camp NaNoWriMo this year and I hit my goal of 10,000 words! WOOPWOOP!

This year I will be doing things a little differently (and, yes, you are allowed to do things differently).  I don’t have time to do much, as I also run a small business and am trying to start printing my artwork my self, AND I have a small human who is crawling now and making me realize there is no such thing as FULLY baby-proofing a house.  So, I am going to use NaNo to write blog posts, try to finish TWO of The Cunning Crow Newspapers (read about that here) and try to start a podcast.  I might pull out my book idea if I feel like it, but I have these specific goals and I don’t want to throw to many separate projects onto my plate.

ANYWHO, I hope that you all are joining in too, and no matter what your plan is, I hope you succeed beyond your wildest expectations!!

Follow NaNoWriMo and get tips, inspiration and do the word sprints, they rock:

AND one of my favorite authors, Austin Kleon,  made a simple little calendar for your progress HERE

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Busy Busy Summer

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wild roots artwork and photography

Holy smokes, I have been up to a lot lately.

I have been having a blast making cool designs out of vintage images and turning them into t-shirts or home decor.  In the few hours that my Baby naps, I work on these designs, or some of my writing (more below on that).


Redbubble has all the designs and illustrations.

Threadless has all my clothing

These Eyes Wild Roots Art Ready To Roost - Wild Roots Art Ready To Roost Wild Roots Art These Eyes Wild Roots Art

And I still have all my Landscape and Lifestyle Photography over at Society6.  This store has so much fabulous home decor items, like pillows, totes, blanket’s, rugs and clocks.

My writing is slowly, slowly improving, and I have been making a writing/art project.  It is a newspaper based in a fantastical, magical world that is hidden from normal, non-magical humans.  The paper is called The Cunning Crow, and it reports from the city of Umbra, a hidden place in the hills South West of Kamloops, British Columbia.

Issue 1 reports on The Death March Migration, Mountain Giants and how to keep Running Roses from terrorizing the neighbors yards.

Issue 2 reports on the Shadow People attacks, and interviews Hades and Calliope on their new business venture.

All the ads are created by me, and I include explanations that really help people understand the world.

The Cunning Crow






















I have also been writing a thriller/murder mystery. Its still developing, but I have been really enjoying fleshing this story out.

It’s about an 18 yr old who is trying to start her life again after her parents death, but finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery in the new city she moved too. I’m wanting to make the city Kamloops, but a made up Kamloops that is a massive city instead. We’ll see.

I joined the Camp NanoWriMo, which is a great source if you need encouragement, reminders and a fun way of tracking your writing numbers.  Make sure to donate to them because they do a lot of work for kids, schools etc, and NanoWriMo in November is amazing, and you can meet so many wonderful authors this way.

Anyway! Hope your days have been wonderful and productive this summer too!! thank you for stopping by and/or reading my work!!

Cheers~ Trish

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The Cunning Crow Isuue 2

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Issue 2 of The Cunning Crow is now in the wild! Head over and delve into the fictional world of Umbra, where monster, aliens, magical beings and humans live together in a super awesome mash-up.


The Cunning CrowThe Cunning Crow: Your best source of local, multiverse, and planetary news in Central British Columbia.

The Cunning Crow is a fantasy fan-fic creation, reporting on fantastical news from a city hidden just outside Kamloops, BC, called Umbra.

I have uploaded it to Issue, from there you can flip through it like a newspaper/magazine and even download it there!

Included is a helpful guide Explanations to Help Understand the World (last page of publication), and citations/sources are HERE

I really hope you enjoy the world I have created! I aim to create a few of these papers, but it will take a while between each issue as I am still learning to write better and use Photoshop AND I have a new baby.

If you would like to be SUPER AWESOME FABULOUS you can help support this publication by ordering art prints here.  They are the ads that I created for the newspaper as stickers or art prints.

OR you can buy me a coffee/whiskey/wine/tea here 

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Sunday Short Stories

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sunday short stories 2Sunday Short Stories is a weekly Random (because New Bebe) post that shares some of the best short stories out in the ‘verse.  So grab a coffee, settle deep into your favorite chair, and enjoy the escape.


Today I am giving you something a little different; a true story.  This is an enlightening article from Maptia, about The Kingdom of Bantar Gebang.  Sometimes we need to give a little- money, time, a re-tweet about a good cause- whatever you can do, and this story needs to be shared.  If you are so inclined, follow Maptia, as they produce astounding photo-stories and will give you so much more knowledge of places around the world.

LOGO Cunning CrowThis next item is a shameless plug for my new writing project, The Cunning Crow.  If you love reading Fantasy and Sci-Fi you might like this! It is a fantasy fan-fic Newspaper, reporting on fantastical news from a city hidden just outside Kamloops, BC.  Please take a moment to go check it out! 

Lastly, This is a re-telling of the Snow White story, which I rather liked, but, then again, who doesn’t like re-tellings of fairytales?

Write On! ~ Trish

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The Cunning Crow ~ News Release

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Happy Long Weekend woop woop! Its been a busy day here today with the release of my first writing/art project, The Cunning Crow.  You can read the release I wrote about it here, but right now I am giving a “news release” for the paper.

I hope you enjoy my publication!


The Death March Migration for the Umbra area is August 30th – 31st.

The Death March Migration is studied by private and Government groups across the planet.  Even with so many educated eyes on it, the migration is still not fully understood.

It is composed of mostly humanoid ghosts, but some four legged and flying Beings are seen within the progression. The common thread is that they are all endemic to the planet Earth.  Every year they follow the same trail, called The Dissolution Trail in Canada, right around the Earth.

Rules and Guidelines for the Umbra region have been sent out to the public, and Issue 1 of the Cunning Crow also included a copy of the rules.

Look for Issue 2 of The Cunning Crow for an article with interviews from scientists in the field studying the Death March Migration and Government officials.

Govt leaflet The Cunning Crow (Issue 1-Page 7)

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