Fancy New Work Abound!

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I have been a busy bee creating new digital artwork. I recently watched Sing, which was cute, but I LOVED the song Golden Slumbers covered by Jennifer Hudson. I played it on repeat while working on all my art, and then named a couple pieces after it lol! This is a new collection of collages made from illustrations scanned from vintage books and texts, mixed with photo filters and photographs. Here are the first few I have released:

Dictionary of Rad Words is a collection of words that I love, curated with my photography or vintage images and typography. This was so much fun to make, I love learning new words, obscure words we don’t use much in daily conversation.  Or simply strong words, like Gumption, that make you feel inspired and strong, or silly words like Bumbershoot that make for fun home decor pieces or awesome gifts.

ABOVE: All the notebooks with my new artwork on them.

My store is full of neat gift ideas, unique home decor or just cool things to spoil yourself with. Some of the newer decor items are thick kitchen or bathroom mats, or giant floor pillows, excellent for kids to hang out on!


Wild Roots Art  ~The Art of Life Wild and Free~


Wild Roots Art

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Calendars Sneak Peak!

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Oh man, I did not think these calendars would turn out so wonderful!!!!!  The quality is excellent, nice and thick, rich colour, modern style and my images look gorgeous!  Here’s a couple quick shots from my phone camera   😀





I am working on getting them all finished up and ready in my Redbubble store, so stay posted and I will drop a link to them when I am done!!

XOXO Trish

~The Art of Life Wild & Free~
Wild Roots Art
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