Ah, December

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Hello Hello!!

Its December already!! Man did November ever fly by!! And, with November ending, so did Nanowrimo! I didn’t get 50,000 words, but I did manage to write every day, taking the time to carve out an hour or so for myself at my house or coffee shop.  I even joined up with other Nanowrimo’s in a local writing group and at the Kamloops Library, which was fantastic! I didn’t win, but I couldn’t be more happy with myself for actually sticking to it, forming a habit and putting myself out there.

So, now that its over, I am going to try to keep track of my daily writing count, AND learn Scrivener.  I don’t know much about Scrivener except that everyone LOVES it and raves about it.  I also have a massive to-read pile that I was putting off while writing through November.  I’ll be adding some of the best to my to-read post here.

I also added another item to my store: Notebooks!! I am so excited about these, and love that you can get a large carry all pouch, notebook and give them as a gift for writers/artists etc.

My 30th Birthday just passed (where the hell did the time go???????) and my Husband bought me James Patterson’s Masterclass! 😀 It is quite good, and I zoomed through all the videos and will now start at the beginning and follow along in the Workbook.  The best take away for me was outlining. It doesn’t really help you outline, but more encourages you to actually make one.  So, now I am also trying to finds some good resources on how to outline a novel…… Anyway, if you need a little inspiration I recommend this course.



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Calendars Sneak Peak!

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Oh man, I did not think these calendars would turn out so wonderful!!!!!  The quality is excellent, nice and thick, rich colour, modern style and my images look gorgeous!  Here’s a couple quick shots from my phone camera   😀





I am working on getting them all finished up and ready in my Redbubble store, so stay posted and I will drop a link to them when I am done!!

XOXO Trish

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Fabulous New Items In My Store

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I am loving my new carry- all pouches that are now available over in my store.
I have been getting wonderful reviews on them too!!  They are nice thick canvas, with strong YKK zippers and small pockets sewn inside.


A tablet or iPad fit nicely inside. I took the below image of my writing gear (Samsung tablet, Logitech keyboard and writing supplies) and they all fit perfectly. Soooo handy and stylish.


Below are some images send by a customer using it for cosmetics.



Very affordable at $14 (S), $18 (M) and $24 (L). Or get all three with the same design for $40 (usd)


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