Poetry Send Off

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Poetry send offPoetry Send Off is a weekly random (because of New Baby)  post published on a Friday, so that you can be sent off for the weekend with a new poem to wow your friends/family/date with. It may also cause deep conversations or friendly arguments over what the hell it means.

So, without further ado, this weeks poems.

Dancing Princesses by Roshani Chokshi  I loved it so much I ended up reading more from Uncanny Magazine, then got a subscription. PLUS they have a discount on subscriptions right now.

Oh man, this is visual poetry?? LOVE! Hate For Sale by Neil Gaiman, read by Peter Kenny art by Anna Eijsbouts. Then go to Visible Poetry Project and get lost in flowing, beautiful, engrossing, stimulating wonder…..

Have a shiny weekend all!


Sunday Short Story

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writing-picture-short-story-sunday1Sunday Short Stories is a weekly post that shares some of the best short stories out in the ‘verse.



Short Stories Online

Alright everyone, Unbound Worlds Cage Match is reaching its end, so make sure you go read the stories and vote for your favorite winner!!!

The Feast by K.C. Mead-Brewer 

Short Stories Book

Trigger Warning Neil Gaiman


ALSO, If you’ve got a short story in you, or already finished one, Fireside Fiction is accepting submissions! Read the Rules here.

My shop has some cool new items: giant floor pillows, round or square, which would be perfect for kids or pets even.  And, as always, I have fantastic little notebooks for your writing pleasure! <3

XOXO~ Trish

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