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wild roots artwork and photography

Holy smokes, I have been up to a lot lately.

I have been having a blast making cool designs out of vintage images and turning them into t-shirts or home decor.  In the few hours that my Baby naps, I work on these designs, or some of my writing (more below on that).


Redbubble has all the designs and illustrations.

Threadless has all my clothing

These Eyes Wild Roots Art Ready To Roost - Wild Roots Art Ready To Roost Wild Roots Art These Eyes Wild Roots Art

And I still have all my Landscape and Lifestyle Photography over at Society6.  This store has so much fabulous home decor items, like pillows, totes, blanket’s, rugs and clocks.

My writing is slowly, slowly improving, and I have been making a writing/art project.  It is a newspaper based in a fantastical, magical world that is hidden from normal, non-magical humans.  The paper is called The Cunning Crow, and it reports from the city of Umbra, a hidden place in the hills South West of Kamloops, British Columbia.

Issue 1 reports on The Death March Migration, Mountain Giants and how to keep Running Roses from terrorizing the neighbors yards.

Issue 2 reports on the Shadow People attacks, and interviews Hades and Calliope on their new business venture.

All the ads are created by me, and I include explanations that really help people understand the world.

The Cunning Crow






















I have also been writing a thriller/murder mystery. Its still developing, but I have been really enjoying fleshing this story out.

It’s about an 18 yr old who is trying to start her life again after her parents death, but finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery in the new city she moved too. I’m wanting to make the city Kamloops, but a made up Kamloops that is a massive city instead. We’ll see.

I joined the Camp NanoWriMo, which is a great source if you need encouragement, reminders and a fun way of tracking your writing numbers.  Make sure to donate to them because they do a lot of work for kids, schools etc, and NanoWriMo in November is amazing, and you can meet so many wonderful authors this way.

Anyway! Hope your days have been wonderful and productive this summer too!! thank you for stopping by and/or reading my work!!

Cheers~ Trish

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Snakes & Toads & Women

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Spurred on by my sudden flood of inspiration to create things, I started making these neat vintage collages.  I take illustrations collected from old books and I Photoshop them to make these fantastic, strange and funky art pieces.

snake woman smallcat woman smallersnake 3 small

I talked about the above work, Cup of Creation here.


Wildlife and Women are meant to show Mother Nature caring for animals, sometimes holding them like a child.  Which really resonates with me ever since I had my baby boy (and definitely my Muse).  BUT, mostly, they are just a blast to make, old fashioned women with snakes and snails; its just interesting.

snake woman no bk smalloctopus smalltoad smFemale - Back Head Hair Neck sm

friendship is a myth sm jpgowl woman small jpg

For most of these images I was listening to some of my favorite podcasts, Just a Story, Talk Nerdy, Myths and Legends, and a new one The Monster Guys.  I recently made a list of awesome podcasts at my other blog for writing here. Man there are some high quality, fascinating shows out there and they are oh-so addictive and the perfect thing for creating (or spring cleaning, drinking, relaxing, gardening, suntanning etc)

One last thing, these prints are up at my Threadless store, available on a wack of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Please go check it out!



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Behind the Scenes

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I seem to be moving at glacier speed while creating this side project, so I thought I would post a couple behind the scenes pictures and explain what it is I am making.

The Cunning Crow is a fan-fic Newspaper I started making, drawing from my favorite books and TV shows and reporting on them as if they were real. I have Gardening With Samwise Gamgee and Tool Care with Thor. Or, I just make up news that I think is cool, like Mountain Trolls causing trouble in B.C.

The Newspaper will be completely free, and just more of a passion project that I hope other nerds will love as much as I do.



sophiesI even made a classifieds section, and here are a couple ads, one promoting a Terraformed planet that Mimics actual places, like Vegas does. The other one is for Sophie’s Millinery, a shout out to Miyazaki.



The entire en-devour is to  be creative, to push the imagination, create a fun world to slip into.

Hopefully I will post more on this soon!!

Happy Creating Everyone!


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The Muses

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IMG_20170331_060650_719Lately, I have been trying to find information on the The Muses, the Greek Gods of the Arts. There is surprisingly very little out there, even though it has been the artists crutch/inspiration for hundreds of years. I research a lot behind the scenes for my books and art pieces, and this one quickly becoming a time consuming conquest. The reason I set off down this road was because I have never created so much art as I have with Roland. Starting in the last half of my pregnancy I have started or finished 40 different artworks (short stories, book projects, photos, digital art) and I thought hmmm Ro is my Muse! Then I thought I should write or make an art piece on the Muse….and here I am, reading a dissertation from 1993, which may be the best info I have found yet lol!! Anyway, if anyone out there knows a good book on muses, even a fiction/fantasy let me know!

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We all have a playlist, the one that works perfect for whatever it is you are doing, or how you are feeling. Bad day at work? Make it loud and angry. Heartsick? Make it soulful and melodious. Working with a Bebe? Make it Disney tunes. In the car alone? Songs you sing bloody loud and think you sound A-MA-ZING!

I am a huge SPOTIFY fan, so I thought I would share my playlists with you!

Rockin’ Out While Painting

Relaxing Songs For Creating

Instrumental Music For Creating (this is my fav when writing)

I made these while listening to Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight Jennifer Hudson Version

Lost Stars
Lost Stars

I made this one while listening to Lost Stars by Keira Knightley/Adam Levine on the Begin Again Soundtrack.

Got some favorites you love? Podcasts, instrumental, choir, acoustical? 


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