I Try My Hand At Glitch Art

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wild roots art glitch art

I have been fascinated with Glitch Art lately, which is a neat way to make artwork look like it has been digitally wreaked.  I think it ads another visual layer to an art piece.  Artists spend so much time trying to make their images tack sharp with perfect contrast or composition, that I can’t express how much I enjoy making things blurred, glitched, grainy- anything but “perfect”.  It’s just to much fun!

I went searching on the Rijks Museum for the main art pieces, and I fell in love with these portraits, which all tell a story of some sort, they have a look, a mood.

This is a collage I made using an old painting and a background from the page of a book. What painting you ask? Well, it was painted in 1623 by Gerard van Honthorst and was called The Merry Fiddler. I absolutely fell in love with the image, its so expressive and the coloring is festive and moody.

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New Digital Collage ~ Canadian Explorer

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Canadian Explorer Wild Roots Art

Redbubble just impresses me more and more.

I upload all my digital illustrations and designs onto Redbubble where you can get them printed on art paper, artboard, acrylic blocks or stickers.

This is one of my newer prints, Canadian Explorer.

Arrival of the Art Print
Woopwoop! Unrolled, the print is 400mmX300mm (16×12) Lookin’ good!
A close up
Lightly textured 100% cotton paper – nice and thick. Plus lots of white space for you to go get it framed up.


Once you get your Art Print, you can get it professionally framed, get a frame yourself, or even glue it to foam core and prop it up (see below)

wild roots art

Go check out all my designs! 

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CHEERS! ~ Trish

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Snakes & Toads & Women

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Spurred on by my sudden flood of inspiration to create things, I started making these neat vintage collages.  I take illustrations collected from old books and I Photoshop them to make these fantastic, strange and funky art pieces.

snake woman smallcat woman smallersnake 3 small

I talked about the above work, Cup of Creation here.


Wildlife and Women are meant to show Mother Nature caring for animals, sometimes holding them like a child.  Which really resonates with me ever since I had my baby boy (and definitely my Muse).  BUT, mostly, they are just a blast to make, old fashioned women with snakes and snails; its just interesting.

snake woman no bk smalloctopus smalltoad smFemale - Back Head Hair Neck sm

friendship is a myth sm jpgowl woman small jpg

For most of these images I was listening to some of my favorite podcasts, Just a Story, Talk Nerdy, Myths and Legends, and a new one The Monster Guys.  I recently made a list of awesome podcasts at my other blog for writing here. Man there are some high quality, fascinating shows out there and they are oh-so addictive and the perfect thing for creating (or spring cleaning, drinking, relaxing, gardening, suntanning etc)

One last thing, these prints are up at my Threadless store, available on a wack of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. Please go check it out!



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We all have a playlist, the one that works perfect for whatever it is you are doing, or how you are feeling. Bad day at work? Make it loud and angry. Heartsick? Make it soulful and melodious. Working with a Bebe? Make it Disney tunes. In the car alone? Songs you sing bloody loud and think you sound A-MA-ZING!

I am a huge SPOTIFY fan, so I thought I would share my playlists with you!

Rockin’ Out While Painting

Relaxing Songs For Creating

Instrumental Music For Creating (this is my fav when writing)

I made these while listening to Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight Jennifer Hudson Version

Lost Stars
Lost Stars

I made this one while listening to Lost Stars by Keira Knightley/Adam Levine on the Begin Again Soundtrack.

Got some favorites you love? Podcasts, instrumental, choir, acoustical? 


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Fancy New Work Abound!

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I have been a busy bee creating new digital artwork. I recently watched Sing, which was cute, but I LOVED the song Golden Slumbers covered by Jennifer Hudson. I played it on repeat while working on all my art, and then named a couple pieces after it lol! This is a new collection of collages made from illustrations scanned from vintage books and texts, mixed with photo filters and photographs. Here are the first few I have released:

Dictionary of Rad Words is a collection of words that I love, curated with my photography or vintage images and typography. This was so much fun to make, I love learning new words, obscure words we don’t use much in daily conversation.  Or simply strong words, like Gumption, that make you feel inspired and strong, or silly words like Bumbershoot that make for fun home decor pieces or awesome gifts.

ABOVE: All the notebooks with my new artwork on them.

My store is full of neat gift ideas, unique home decor or just cool things to spoil yourself with. Some of the newer decor items are thick kitchen or bathroom mats, or giant floor pillows, excellent for kids to hang out on!


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