New Vintage Film Series

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OH I am just in love with this vintage film filter! I have been working super hard all weekend editing and hunting down beachy/watery pictures to edit and, without further ado, here’s an early look at some that I managed to finish & upload  .

Vintage Mystic Beach smBeach Bums smFishing for Breakfast smVintage Canoe smVintage Treeline smrain reflections sm

xoxo Trish

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BC Rainforest

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We snuck out to Cowichan Bay and Juan de Fuca Provincial Park on Vancouver Island for a couple days and enjoyed some quiet, beautiful, sunny days on the beach/hiking/boating. I seriously can’t believe how great the weather was for us, as the last two times we went to the Island it was nothing but rain and fog, lol! Not too fun in a tent!

Our first day out there, we went to some friends of ours who live out by Cowichan Bay and they took us out crabbing. It was absolutely gorgeous out and they took us all around the area along Salt Spring Island and out to Maple Bay, etc.  I think I spent the whole time wishing I could win the lottery and live in one of those houses clinging to the hills with a little boat and dock.  Anyway, we didn’t catch much, but I had never been crabbing before, so it was neat just to watch what was going on. Plus they gave us enough crab to have a massive campfire feast on our first night camping, YUM!

After stocking up on crab, we took off to Port Renfrew and checked out Avatar and Botanical Beach Provincial Park.  Side note, I read a great article from Hakai Magazine about a female teacher named Josephine Tilden from University of Minnesota, who established a teaching station at Botanical Beach for all her female Botany students. I loved walking around the crater like beach and envisioning these enterprising women from 1901 in their dresses and boots.

The tidepools were teaming with life, I have never seen anything like it. Every pool was completely different, filled with colorful, strange sea creatures. It was fantastic.

A Fixed Bot Beach
Giant Green Anemone
a fixed bot beach 3
Green Sea Urchin
A Fixed Bot Beach 2
Mossy Chiton

We camped at China Beach, in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park.  It was a nice campsite, super clean facilities and somewhat secluded camp sites. Our dog Belle came with us and OMG did she love the ocean, especially the waves, which she would run away from lol!



So, we realized that we didnt pack utensils, so my husband made us chopstick using the one camping knife we found LOL!! The 3rd picture above was the Banana slug that loved Belles dog food.

Below are just some pictures of the beaches you could hike down to. The hike down to the beaches was about 2-5 km depending on the hike.

Find Me On The Beach sm

Mystic Beach sm
Mystic BeachAncient Feelings SM

Looking forward to going back again, maybe to hike the Juan de Fuca Trail….

xoxo Trish

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Squamish Love

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I headed out to Squamish, BC a while back for the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference.  I was really looking forward to this event since I am trying to learn more about marketing for my art business, but also for my day job, were I run all the social media. Another reason I was so excited was that I had never been to Squamish before, and I was pumped to check it out.  I was advised to drive down the long way from Kamloops, via highway 99 and that was the best advice I could have gotten for this trip! What a stunning drive!

Lilloett Mountains sm
Roadside Pullout outside Lillooet

The CIMC was really interesting, and the speakers were such great sources of information.  My favorites were Christina Crook (Joy of Missing Out) and Vicki McLeod (Main Street Communications), Katie Schaeffers (brand.LIVE), The panel on Influencer Marketing and Kristin Auger (Salesforce).  All their insights were fantastic and I felt like I definitely came away with a different mindset regarding my work.  And, I am definitely going out to buy The Joy of Missing Out. The venue was at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park  and it looks like they are going to have it there again next year.

The conference had special rates going for certain hotels and I stayed at the Executive Suites and I would HIGHLY recommend them, what great service all around, from the front desk to the restaurant servers. They had so many stories and information/advice on Squamish.  I travel a lot, and nothing is better than when people are passionate about where they live or actually care about giving great service and showing the tourists around town, etc.  It makes  the stay so much better, as I am sure all of you can agree.

Since I was there for the conference, I didn’t get out for a major hike, but I did go out to the spit, and rode the gondola before I drove home.

Marina smsuspension bridgeGondolame smSeabirds

I cannot wait to head back to Squamish one day and do all the hikes out there!!

xoxo Trish

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Mara Trail in April

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Mara trail is such a great hike to start the season, as its the perfect amount of exercise, and full of views of the short lived green spring of Kamloops.

Belle anxiously waiting for her slow humans
Ecological Area
Tranquille Marsh


Trail cut
View of the Lake
Great view of Tranquille Farms and Kamloops Lake


Right in the middle is a melodic Meadowlark

The land is rented out for cattle, and there were so many on the trail.  They are always such skiddish, amusing creatures though, lol.


You can check out Mara Trail here, plus a couple more in the area.

I also wrote about this trail before!

Happy Hiking fellow adventures!


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Blue Skies and Sunshine

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Blue skies and sunshine and sagebrush galore

A gorgeous hike out at Kenna Cartwright

Blue Skies and Sunshine sm

Blue Becember sm

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