Symbols & Geometric Designs

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Symbols & Geometric Design

Here are a couple new symbols/geometric designs I have been working on! I think that they might look really cool on t-shirts or wall tapestries.

I usually sketch the idea by hand first (usually while binging on Netflix, Audible, Podcast) then I use Sketchbook Pro to digitally draw them via my tablet. I would like to use the desktop version but I swear my laptop is going to implode any day now. I’ll probably add backgrounds to these or something, not really sure yet.

Sun 2 png

Geometric 1 sm

5 moons



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Things I Like From the Internet

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Sometimes, you just need random inspiration or advise or distraction from the world.  Reading is good, drinking is fun, yoga, running, meditation, colouring, drawing.  Whatever you use to recharge or de-stress, sometimes its just nice to lose yourself on the internet. Pinterest, reddit, social media, Netflix, there is so much to chose from, and, so I thought I would collect some of my favorites (articles, websites, people, books, etc) and share them with you, for those moments when you need to zone out.  Some of them have nothing to do with art and are just cool or funny.   So sit back and grab some coffee, whiskey, wine or tea and enjoy! 

Artsy Fartsy




Put Your Glasses On, It’s Time to Look Smart. Or get serious. One of those two.


Thanks for reading!

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Big Magic

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I love inspirational quotes, art books, guides etc etc and one of my fav’s that I always go back to is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

This was via popsugar  who made a big list of all her quotes 💛💛 Make sure you go check it out!!





Go check out the rest Here and follow Elizabeth Gilbert on the Facebooks

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