I love photography & digital art, but instead of just hanging my artwork on the wall, I joined Society6, Red Bubble and Threadless where you can get artwork printed onto unique items, like blankets, notebooks, metal prints, acrylic blocks, t-shirts and much more.  Below are pictures from myself and from customers who have sent me pictures of their purchases in the wild.

Each store offers its own unique printing paper or need:

Society6 is an excellent thick paper stock and also has pillows, bath mats, tapestries, blankets, and much more. All my Landscape Photography is here.

RedBubble has many different style of art prints, like art board, different paper stock, simple photographic prints for a cheaper option, or even acrylic blocks or stickers. It has only my Vintage illustration collages at the moment.

Threadless is all t-shirts, with my vintage unique collages on them. Threadless is ranked one of the best places to purchase clothing, as their quality is tried and tested.  Mens, womens and babies clothes are available here.


Here are some examples of each store! 






THREADLESS is where I keep all my t-shirts!!