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OK, I thought for those of you looking for a little inspiration you could check out my Pinterest boards. I looooove me some Pinterest. 💛💛
For Writing
For Art
For Artwork that is more about fantasy worlds/characters etc. I love this for inspiring my fantasy writing.
Art Tips
Business of Art

I also follow some great people who are chalk full of advice or are just darn interesting.

Susan Dennard – Writer of quite a few popular YA books, but I love her emails, she is so honest about writing and always gives great tips.

Next up is Wil Wheaton. I just love his honesty on writing, acting, art, creating and depression/anxiety. I suffer from social anxiety so what he posts really resonates. Anyway, just a great guy to follow. Also his podcast is awesome too.

It’s good to keep your mind creative and sharp, so I try to do writing prompt excersises. I follow Promptuarium, a site that has hundreds of writing prompts. I try to write hard for 20mins to 1/2 hr using one of the prompts. Just to give my brain a workout. I got this idea from Susan Dennard who wrote about how she’s training her brain to write better.

I’m sure that you have heard about Austin Kleon and his Show Your Work book/idea. It’s brilliant. Follow him.

If you have some awesome Pinterest boards or fav’s you follow, let me know!!

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Blue Skies and Sunshine

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Blue skies and sunshine and sagebrush galore

A gorgeous hike out at Kenna Cartwright

Blue Skies and Sunshine sm

Blue Becember sm

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Favorite Place to Daydream

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On a late Fall hike in McConnell Lake Provincial Park I managed to capture the mood of the woods as it shook off the night and the mornings light snowfall.  It was that perfect time of day where the sun was just rising and the forest was eerily dark, with small beams of sun breaking through making the scenery rather fantastical.  I have so many shots of McConnell as it is my favorite place to go unwind and the trail around the lake is easy and never too busy. I just get to walk and daydream.

Walk in the woods 5mb

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