Wait a Minute, Whats Going On?

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Hey peeps! Phew, I have been super-duper busy at Wild Roots Art, but LOOOOVIN IT! Continue reading Wait a Minute, Whats Going On?

Super Summer Photo Montage

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MAN the smoke this summer was terrible! The few days of clear, fresh air we made sure to make the most of it. We jammed out to Riverside Trail & tested out the Canyonaro (our new name for the stroller), played on the deck, and visited family in Alberta. I tried to add as many photos as I could here, but I also add all my shots to Flickr, as an extra back-up online to photos, so you can always go check them out there as well.

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Coffee and Beans and Babies

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These coffee and beans images (below) were fun to make, mostly because coffee is such a well-loved routine in many peoples lives, but also because my little son “helped” me take them one fine sunny morning.

I set up my new picture box and got to work, and he roamed around our deck, annoying the cat, chewing on all the things, and wanting me to pick him up, only to be put back down again. He loved the sound of the cameras clickclickclick and watched closely whenever I moved the camera around and dutifully held tight to the tripod.

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The Ultimate Sidekick

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It’s National Dog Day, and I have a million, gazillion photos of my pup, Miss Belle, who is my constant companion on all my hiking and camping adventures.  She is so well trained for photos, I just have to call her name and she will pose for me, lol.

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