Wild Roots Art is a Nature based lifestyle and artwork site showcasing writing, landscape photography, and digital art.

Making art is what makes me truly, deeply happy. Ever since having my baby, I feel like he has become my little Muse, and I have been trying many different mediums, just trying many different stuff out.

My favorite genre’s (movies, books, art) are Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Murder Mysteries, so my art usually follows these threads.  Make sure you check out my post on some awesome Podcasts following these themes, as I get a lot of inspiration from them and also have them constantly playing in the background while creating.

I post my artwork and other people’s art that I admire, write how-to posts and posts full of handy links about writing, books, and art.

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I live in the most amazing place, Kamloops BC, which has this wonderful hidden beauty, but also is smack dab in the middle of a million other fantastic places .

Me – Baby Muse – Inspiration Gear
Hiking & Baby Bump
Out hiking with Miss Belle
wild roots art
My favorite shoes
wild roots art
Out for a photoshoot
Miss Belle, my sidekick, and I out taking some winter shots







me2 IMG_7090_edited-4


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