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Wild Roots Art is a Nature based lifestyle and artwork site showcasing writing, landscape photography, and digital art.

Making art is what makes me truly, deeply happy. Ever since having my baby, I feel like he has become my little Muse, and I have been trying many different mediums, playing around with styles and even learning to print my own artwork from home.

As an avid hiker and traveler, my photographs range between lifestyle, still art and landscape photography.  The digital art/collages I create are rather funky and eccentric, usually a mix of old vintage images and modern Photoshop remixing by me.   My favorite genre’s (movies, books, art) are Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Murder Mysteries, so my digital design art usually follows these threads.  Make sure you check out my post on some awesome Podcasts following these themes, as I get a lot of inspiration from them and also have them constantly playing in the background while creating.

My love of fantasy & sci-fi has lead to me writing and creating my own fan-fic newspaper called The Cunning Crow. It is a fun and wild journey to an imaginary world called Umbra, where fairy tales, monsters alt-earths and aliens preside.  If you are also a nerd, I think you may love this <3

I live in the most amazing place, Kamloops BC, which has this wonderful hidden beauty, but also is smack dab in the middle of a million other fantastic places .


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