Work-Life OR Mom-Not Mom Balance?

Work-Life- Mom-Not Mom Balance?

I have been wrestling with this idea of work-life balance, obsessing over other mothers answers, reading blogs and listening to podcasts on this topic.


Because becoming a mother, for some, means finding a new identity, in a new space. Before you were free to do whatever, think whatever, waste time on whatever.  But post baby, your time is fucking precious.  And while I think my son made me MORE creative, and MORE inventive, at the beginning I was like, omg how can i finish this project during 1 hour naps????

The great thing was, I did. I learnt, and I am finding more and more that the skill of cramming the tsunami of creativity into a couple hour time slot is something Parents are so good at. A good work-life or Mom-Not Mom balance may not exist, but I really like seeing how other parents do it, or what their adaptation of parenting in general is.

Today, as every Friday, I opened Austin Kleons email and was hit with this great post he did called  The best thing ever written about “work-life balance”  in it, he posted this amazing quote by Eleanor Coppola

At one point, Coppola speaks explicitly about the different ways that men and women (with families) of her generation worked on their art:

“The men artists I knew had a studio, and they went out to their studio, and they spent the day, and worked, and then they came back. I once read a book by Judy Chicago, who interviewed all these women artists, and they made their art on the back porch, they made it on top of the washing machine, they made it next to the kitchen sink, and they made it anywhere they could, for the hour and a half while their kid was taking a nap, and for the two hours while they were at the play group. They made it in between. It wasn’t, like, you get to make art for eight hours. You make art in 20-minute snatches, and you don’t, like, fiddle around. I know one time I went to see Francis in his working room, and he had his pencils all laid out, and his espresso there, and there was this whole little ritual of getting into yourself and into your work. There was no time [for women] for the ritual of getting into your work! You just snapped into that taking 10 minutes and making 3 lines on your drawing or whatever was possible. It wasn’t the same as the way men worked. And that’s how women got their work done.”

Please take a moment to read his full post because there are loads of interesting tidbits there, as usual.

Also, go head to this post I wrote, and towards the end I have a list of awesome creatives writing about parenting while working.  I think I may start a single blog post that is dedicated to new parenting/work posts/podcasts/quotes etc.  And, then, read some short posts (post 1, post 2)  I wrote on being a mother while creating art.

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