Listen Up & Get To Work Vol. 3

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A Curated list of Podcasts or Video to get your creative juices going,  turn a mundane day super, and gain awesome knowledge.


Missing & Murdered : Follow Connie Walker as she investigates the murder of Alberta Williams.

On Drugs by CBC :   So fascinating and informative., but I usually love most CBC shows.

Once again, Someone Knows Something 

Audio Drama

The Black Tapes : OH I totally binged on this one, and it even made me a little scared….which is actually not that hard to do, but I am never scared in my own home in broad daylight LOL! Anyway, if you love the slow burn scary story, this is for you.

The White Vault

The Orphans

Background Noise

Check out my instrumental playlist on Spotify.  Perfect for when your editing, reading, at work or writing.


Make sure you check out Vol. 1.0 and Vol. 2.0!!!

Have some recommendations? Let me know!

Listening to The Black Tapes & colouring

THANKS ~ Trish


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