Coffee and Beans and Babies

These coffee and beans images (below) were fun to make, mostly because coffee is such a well-loved routine in many peoples lives, but also because my little son “helped” me take them one fine sunny morning.

I set up my new picture box and got to work, and he roamed around our deck, annoying the cat, chewing on all the things, and wanting me to pick him up, only to be put back down again. He loved the sound of the cameras clickclickclick and watched closely whenever I moved the camera around and dutifully held tight to the tripod.

While I don’t get much time to work since Baby, I have learnt to be EXTREMELY efficient, and, also, choose carefully what I spend my time on. I think that this has forced me to become a better artist, and to learn a tonne of new things in order to get shit done, a skill I am positive many parents can attest to. I swear, the front of my brain was pried open and a flood of new skills were shoved in, while the back of my head fell open and a load of pre-baby skills, habits and ideas fell out, LOL!!

I hope you enjoy these images, and, maybe, take a little time to enjoy a cup of joe in the sunshine, and a cuddle with your Baby (human or fur 😛 )





























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