The Ultimate Sidekick

It’s National Dog Day, and I have a million, gazillion photos of my pup, Miss Belle, who is my constant companion on all my hiking and camping adventures. ¬†She is so well trained for photos, I just have to call her name and she will pose for me, lol.

She is a Golden Lab/Great Pyrenees mix, and she is so calm, shy, and sweet, making her an excellent and easy dog to take everywhere. And believe me, she goes everywhere…

Botanical Beach Prov Park, Vancouver Island
First time in the ocean-she was beyond excited LOL! Mystic Beach, Vancouver Island
Guarding the Tent China Beach campsite, Vancouver Island
Kamloops, BC
Mara Trail, Kamloops, BC
Mara Trail, Kamloops, BC
Very helpful camera assistant
Miss Belle and her humans. Kamloops, BC
McConnell Lake, BC
Miss Belle and her old friend Desi.
Warburg, AB
McConnell Lake, BC
Hiking Buds
On High Alert
Playing in the leaf pile
Looking so grand
Kamloops, BC
Kamloops, BC
Chasing mice in the fields
Adams Lake, BC
Time to cool down in the dugout
Mt. Lolo, BC
Sir Winston Churchill Prov Park, AB
Lac Du Bois, Kamloops
Trophy Mt. Wells Grey Prov Park
Miss Belle & I
Kenna Cartwright, Kamloops
Lac du Bois, Kamloops
Overlanders Beach, Kamloops
Kamloops, BC
Kamloops, BC
Early Morning Hike

Happy National Dog Day!


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