Books and Brewskies

Books and Brewskies

Who doesn’t love an awesome, locally made beer? Hmm?

And, who doesn’t love cuddling up with a good book after a long day?

I figured, why not put the two together: brilliant books paired with bang-up beer.  If you follow me on Twitter (@wildrootsphoto for my artwork or @trishfibs for my writing) or Instagram, I’m sure you’ve seen me post about beer or wine, what book I’m reading, or seen my Untappd updates (awesome drinking app).   My pairings will be with local BC Breweries, but if you are in a different province, I am sure that you have many local brews at your own liquor store. The beauty of it all is that it gets you out there trying different beers, maybe getting out of your pallet/ reading safety zone. If you have your own pairing, let me know!!


1.)  For those days when parenthood kicked your ass and you’ve plunked the babe with the other parent the minute they walked through the door.  Dos Esqueletos by Whistler Brewing company is the perfect beer to crack once you’ve settled in somewhere, and the perfect books will need to be easy on the brain. Ah. Kids books; minimal text, maximum pictures. Here’s a list:

Oooo preeeety:  ABC Dream by Kim Krans

I’m in space with Chris Hadfield in The Darkest Dark

Gawd, Rey is so cool: The Little Golden Book STAR WARS:The Force Awakens

TRUTH: King Baby by Kate Beaton

Picture love:  The Illustrated versions of Harry Potter


2.)  A beer for murdery/sci-fi books.

I Love Dan Wells’ John Cleaver Series and it pairs well with Blood Alley Bitter by Russell Brewing Company.  Although, I am sure a lot of Stephen Kings scarier books would pair wonderfully with this as well.


3.)  Fast paced paperback mysteries – the James Patterson/Michael Connelly style of read

I love these compelling, super fun reads in the summer, and Michael Connelly’s newest, The Late Show, is excellent.  Pair it with one of my favorite beers ever, Summer Session Pale Ale by Red Collar Brewing Co. Note: when in Kamloops, stopping at Red Collar is a MUST.





4.) Slower, immersive mysteries.

Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith and Inspector Armand Gamache Series by Louise Penny need smooth, dark, beer, like Red Collar Brewing Co.’s Belgian Dubbell OR/AND their Black Dog Quad.  







5.)  Short Stories

Grab your fav literary magazine, short story or novella ( like Wil Wheatons Dead Trees Give No Shelter, or Uncanny Magazine.) and pair it with Reef Break Hemp Blonde Ale by Bowen Island Brewing Company.  





A friend of mine added sci-fi novels paired with Parallel 49 beers, which are awesome!



Have a great weekend!

Cheers!Salute!Skål!Ganbei!Prost!Yum bui!Kampai!


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