Sunday Short Stories

Sunday Short Stories is a weekly Random (because New Bebe) post that shares some of the best short stories out in the ‘verse.  So grab a coffee, settle deep into your favorite chair, and enjoy the escape.

This is a little blurb/video/write up on what sounds like an amazing premise for a book, which I will definitely be reading!  Canadian Prairie Futurism : Looking at Tomorrow without Forgetting the Past Annalee Newitz

I am just in love with Uncanny and cannot recommend their magazine enough.  Check out Sarah Gailey’s City of Villains: Why I Don’t Trust Batman

Philip Pullman wrote a prequel to His Dark Materials! I just about dies when I read this. That series is one of the best I have ever read. I cannot wait to dive in to The Book of Dust October 19, 2017. Until then you can greedily read an excerpt here.

Lastly, check out my art/writing project, The Cunning Crow! The Cunning Crow is a fantasy fan-fic Newspaper, reporting on fantastical news from a city hidden just outside Kamloops, BC, called Umbra.  I have two issues out now, and am take a small break before starting issue three.

If you want MORE to read this fine Sunday morning, go scroll through all my past Sunday Short Stories or Poetry Send Off.



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