While out for a hike with my lovely photographer friend, we had gone across the train tracks and were scrambling down to the river, when we saw a man, alone, working at gutting some fish (we think?). He was by some Pondarosas close to shore, and I remember we were a little leary, as, all over the news that day they were warning the public about a dangerous man the Police were hunting down. So, of course, our imaginations were in overdrive when my friend saw something dart up a massive old Pondarosa just to the left of the fishing Man. I remember saying “No, no, its a porcupine” LOL! Nope. It was a Bobcat, drawn to the man cutting up fish and we had scared it up the tree. It was unreal how no one had seen this Bobcat until we scared it, and, even looking through the pictures now, his camouflage is uncanny. Unsettling.

bobcatsite_edited-1Bobcat jump HR

bobcat quick edit
This is a little blurry, but look at that stare!

I though that this story would be perfect for Wildlife Week, which runs from April 9 – 15. We are also raising funds for the Canadian Wildlife Federation so pls head here to donate




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