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I’m continuously updating this as I find more and more articles about parenting and working on your art.

Working and parenting win! *falls to a heap on the floor and sleeps*

Me & Babe working away!

Managing to catch a few minutes here and there to “work” has been a lifeline. Any new parent knows that it is ridiculously hard to do anything AT ALL. I look at these pictures of myself, and they make me feel good, that I was lucky to catch 15-20 minutes of work time to get shit done.  Being a new mom is frickin hard, but I have never been so in love, creatively challenged, out of the comfort zone, inspired, awed, transformed and so many more verbs. It has been the best thing that could ever happen to me, for all the normal, obvious reasons, but, because I am writing on my art blog, I want to emphasize what it has done for my work.

Editing gets put on hold for snack time!
Sleeping babe? Bust out the keyboard and work!

While everything takes longer to create, I respect the time so much more. I write more freely, read more non-fiction & short stories, study, learn, absorb & focus so much more than before. I have made more digital art than ever before, and I think Bebe has made me MORE creative, using bold bright colours (babies apparently see bold, contrasting colours better) & making collages like I did when I was younger. That was something I never expected to happen, mostly cuz I AM SO TIRED.  Here’s to being a parent!!  ALSO NOTE: on the flip side of all this creative genius flooding in, the house is a mess, I am a mess, and I have forgotten….everything? Yes, that must be it. Everything.

He fell asleep in my lap and I was scared to move…. LOL!

Here are some excellent links to other parents who chat about parenting & working. I will be constantly updating this as I find more stuff.

b4f60a8a56cdb4ffbec43dfc591eb2dfHow To Write When You’re A Parent by  Danielle Campoamor


I LOVE Amanda Palmer, but I mostly love how honest she is about parenting. So read her words here  and here, listen here.

How Has Parenthood Informed Your Writing Life? via The New York Times

OF course, my fav badass mom & creator Amanda Palmer has another podcast here 

The lovely Felicia Day posted a parenting win of breast milk. What was really great were all the moms commenting, it was all so nice lol! Breastfeeding is fuckin hard so I’m always in awe of other moms that do it like a boss.

WRITE ON! ~ Trish