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writing-picture-short-story-sundaySunday Short Stories is a weekly post that shares some of the best short stories out in the ‘verse.

WOOPS, so I am still a day behind with my short stories and Poetry Send Off!

But on a good note,the Roland the Brave short story adventures is chugging along.  The Husband got his first read through of the first 2 stories, and the 3rd one is coming along nicely. But now I have a bunch of other projects bubbling up, new and old, and I am getting so distracted! Bah!  Anyway, here are my quick picks for short stories this week.

Out of Eden has been a lifeline for me. It is what I read at night feedings (every 2 hrs :S ) and it just transports you right into these places that Paul Salopek is strolling through. His writing is so beautiful, I re-read paragraphs 2-3 times just to take it in sometimes.

Dragon Soap  by M.K. Hutchins


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I also do a Poetry Send Off , which is a weekly post published on a Friday, so that you can be sent off for the weekend with a new poem to wow your friends/family/date with. It may also cause deep conversations or friendly arguments over what the hell it means.


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