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2016 was a weird year. It was full of ups and downs, creative blocks and breakthroughs, of learning all new mindsets, both in my work and personal life, and it definitely ended with a bang!  As some of you know, I had a baby, born January 1st. The ultimate new year’s gift!! Definitely a new beginning, wouldn’t you say?

Babe & I working away

2017 is going to be about patience and growth. Honestly, my new year’s resolution is more of an evolution.

With all these changes,  I decided to update my website and blog to more accurately reflect what I enjoy:  writing advice, short stories, poetry and books. More about the creative lifestyle while also caring for a baby.  More learning about nature, the environment and hiking (once again, with a baby).  

Unfortunately, my posts will probably remain sporadic as I only have a couple hours of work time with a new baby, but I hope to maybe pick a day that works best for posting, then maybe just auto-post that day.  I’m still working out the bugs.

I have a couple ideas ready for future posts, and, also, will update the writing tips post and the book list post.   Maybe get the courage to post some of my short stories…..

Alright, well lets move it along then! I need to get back to writing a poem/short story for my writing group!


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