Giving the Mind a Rest

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20160918_092707_hdrWent to my little coffee spot, but could not muster up a single thought about anything-at all.  I re-read some story, stared out the window and zoned out completely.  I think it was just such a busy, crazy week that this one day of quiet meant my brain was doing nada. Which, I think, we sometimes all need.
SO, instead of an update on my writing, here is some new artwork that I have been working on for my Vintage Series. These pics were so much fun to capture as it was so foggy that morning, and the sun would pop out, then completely disappear, and I would be blanketed in a thick fog.
I hope you enjoy!!
I’ll be loading some of these into my little shop over the next couple days 🙂
xoxo Trish
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