Squamish Love

I headed out to Squamish, BC a while back for the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference.  I was really looking forward to this event since I am trying to learn more about marketing for my art business, but also for my day job, were I run all the social media. Another reason I was so excited was that I had never been to Squamish before, and I was pumped to check it out.  I was advised to drive down the long way from Kamloops, via highway 99 and that was the best advice I could have gotten for this trip! What a stunning drive!

Lilloett Mountains sm
Roadside Pullout outside Lillooet

The CIMC was really interesting, and the speakers were such great sources of information.  My favorites were Christina Crook (Joy of Missing Out) and Vicki McLeod (Main Street Communications), Katie Schaeffers (brand.LIVE), The panel on Influencer Marketing and Kristin Auger (Salesforce).  All their insights were fantastic and I felt like I definitely came away with a different mindset regarding my work.  And, I am definitely going out to buy The Joy of Missing Out. The venue was at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park  and it looks like they are going to have it there again next year.

The conference had special rates going for certain hotels and I stayed at the Executive Suites and I would HIGHLY recommend them, what great service all around, from the front desk to the restaurant servers. They had so many stories and information/advice on Squamish.  I travel a lot, and nothing is better than when people are passionate about where they live or actually care about giving great service and showing the tourists around town, etc.  It makes  the stay so much better, as I am sure all of you can agree.

Since I was there for the conference, I didn’t get out for a major hike, but I did go out to the spit, and rode the gondola before I drove home.

Marina smsuspension bridgeGondolame smSeabirds

I cannot wait to head back to Squamish one day and do all the hikes out there!!

xoxo Trish

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