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For our Honeymoon, we packed up our camping gear onto a Suzuki VStrom 650 ( I rode on the back) and headed across Canada.  Hands down, I think that Canada was the most amazing, diverse, beautiful place I have ever traveled too (I may be biased because I live here, LOL!).

Below, I took a shot of all the clothes I brought for the month long trip. They were then stuffed in a compression sack about a foot long lol!


Canada has so many hilarious roadside attractions, here’s just a sample: Worlds largest Camel, Tomahawk, Baseball, Pipe and Swing.


Bonnechere Caves (Ontario)

The Bonnechere Caves were carved out by the Bonnechere River and the tours lead you right down and under the actual river, which was scary as you can hear the water above you. Very Cool place though!

1405252223146Ottawa was a great city, and we really enjoyed the city/Parliament tours and then we zipped out to the Museum of Civilization in Quebec which may be the most amazing museum I have ever seen. They had a selfie area with Canadian style jackets and I wanted to steal one so bad, lol! 1405252106632

The view from our adorable hotel on Dufferin Terrace (Quebec City)
Old City 3mb
Petit-Champlain (Old Quebec) UNESCO Site

OH Nova Scotia, I cannot wait to go back one day and spend more time in you! What a gorgeous place to ride!

Cabot Trail
Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia)
Cabot Trail (Nova Scotia)

In PEI I finally got to see the Green Gables National Historic site of Canada.  I have loved this book so much my whole life, and was so happy I finally got to go wander around the same woods that inspired such an amazing Canadian writer.



We lucked out and came during the Puffin migration to Elliston, Newfoundland! I was in bird nerd heaven.

Puffins 3MB
Puffins NFLD
Puffin 3MB
Puffins NFLD
Iceburg view 3MB
Icebergs NFLD

Well, I could go on and on and post hundreds of pictures of the trip and everything we did, but I have to end this post somewhere! LOL! So heres the shot (a really bad one, they were all blury lol) of us finally reaching Cape Spear, the most Easterly Point of Canada! 9261kms, 29 days 10 Provinces three ferries!!



xoxo Trish

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