Freedom in Wandering

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I take a deep breath and let in the crisp morning air.  It smells like wet earth, sagebrush and freedom. Belle, my trusty sidekick, is happily sniffing too, possibly catching the scent of deer or coyotes.The surrounding wilderness on a hike is always refreshing and healing for me.  It reminds me that real beauty is not vanity; not my clothes, my hair or how fancy my home is. It also makes me stay present, focused on the life around me and remember how intricate and lovely it all is.

Bell Me  I hike, photograph, and let all my worries fall away.  I forgive myself for past mistakes.  I let go of stress.  I take it all and let it dissipate in the breeze that dances along the scented sagebrush leaves.

Mara Trailother side of the river 5mb

Trail 5mbBelle


I’m soon in the zone, I’ve taken a hundred photos, lost the trail once, scared a deer in the bush and dirt covers my clothes from crouching to get the best shots.

Vantage shap


Beauty spreads out in all directions and I trek through a rocky brook to get a creative shot. Low lying clouds make it darker and quieter, like everything is still hibernating, but the rocks are wet and saturated with color.

the walk home


Belle is tired now, walking companionably beside me, tongue hanging out, so, we head back to our urban lives more peaceful than when we first stepped on the trail.




This trail is called Mara Trail and you can find more information here


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